A Safe & Secure Place To Have Your Mail Delivered

A Private Mail Box (PMB) is a great way to provide you with a safe and secure place to pick up your mail. Plus, in this day and age of identity theft, it is a great way to protect you because your home address is never printed on mail.

How it Works

Bring in two forms of ID. One must be a current government issued photo ID (i.e. Drivers license, state ID, passport, and armed services card). The second form of ID can be university, or recognized corporate identification card; alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust; voter or vehicle registration card; or a home or vehicle insurance policy.

We will fill out the application for you to sign and then provide you with your Private Mail Box Number.

Any mail delivered to the Currency Exchange with your name and PMB number will be placed in your mailbox until you are ready to come and pick it up.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Not all products and services available at all locations. Please call in advance to confirm availability and applicable service charges.