Business Check Cashing

We Specialize In Cashing Checks Made Payable To Your Business.

We recognize how difficult it is sometimes for a small business owner to cash checks so we offer Business Check Cashing PLUS, which offers an amazing combination of benefits you can’t get anywhere else.


  • Hundreds of locations – We are everywhere.
  • Extended hours – Many of our stores are open nights, weekends and holidays and some NEVER CLOSE so you can always find a location to serve you.
  • Cash on the spot! – Unlike banks that often hold checks for days at a time to clear, you get your money immediately.
  • Low Cost – Rates are less than you think and you don’t have to worry about any bank fees or NSF charges.

Collect All Relevant Documents

A. Current government issued photo ID

B. Proof of social security number and/or tax ID number (FEIN)

C. Copy of tax return

D. Proof of business (ie. Business License, Articles of Incorporation or Sole Proprietorship)

Call store to confirm if additional documentation is required.

Stop in with your check, show us your stuff and walk out with your cash

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Step 2
Step 3

Not all products and service available at all locations. Please call in advance to confirm availability and applicable service charges.